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Walk With Me: An Appalachian Trail Tale

Updated: Apr 7

Walk with me.

On the Appalachian Trail.

Georgia: We begin each year, 4,000 strong. Who will finish a journey this long?

North Carolina: Dip into the dark walls of a river gorge.

Tennessee: Dusk settles in, stealing the last drop of day.

Virginia: Forest, farmlands, gentle rain.

West Virginia: The trail is short here, but the history is rich.

Maryland: Pines trees. Old, worn, still standing strong.

Pennsylvania: Rocks, boulders. Climb.

New Jersey: Crisp air. The hum of cars cannot be found.

New York: Shy bears hide. Curious birds venture close.

Connecticut: The earth is covered in a blanket of green.

Massachusetts: Layered ridgelines, lush river walks, shaded glens.

Vermont: A verdant forest, bursting with life.

New Hampshire: White mountains tower over trees.

Maine: Rugged, remote. We push towards the finish line.

What is the Appalachian Trail?

A vision of stealing back forgotten places.

A dream, 2,180 miles long.


I hope you enjoyed my 150 word short story I entered into the Spring Fling writing contest! This is based on my current PB that is a work in progress, six months in the making and a labor of love.

A thru-hiker is a hiker that completes the entire length of the trail in less than one year, most averaging 4-6 months. In April, they begin the long trek starting in Georgia and end in Maine around August. Each year 4,000 hikers attempt a thru-hike journey--one in four make it to the end.

As some of you may know I worked for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for several years; this topic is very dear to me, as is teaching children to love and nurture our planet.

Much love, Annette

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