With a father from Puerto Rico and an Irish mother, Annette grew up in a lively and diverse household. Celebrating both cultures meant extra presents on Three Kings Day and a big party on St. Patrick's Day! All of which suited Annette just fine.


    At a young age, her family moved from Washington D.C., to a sleepy  farming valley, nestled in western Maryland. The change from city life to country life forever changed her.  She fell in love with nature and all things green.


    When she's not celebrating all those holidays mentioned above, you can find her writing books that are silly, sometimes sweet, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or rearing her two adorable rapscallions.

    Annette has a Master's Degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults and has published numerous articles for magazines and blogs with topics ranging from family life, career tips, and pop culture trends.

    Her debut picture book will be published by Little Lamb Books fall 2021.

    Check out the article HERE

Annette M. Clayton

Writer of Children's Books. Lover of Grumpy Cat. Sweatpants Enthusiast

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